When to use vintage decor.

Hi! Since this is our first blog, we thought it would be fitting to simply explain some questions you might have about B&C!  First, allow us to explain what vintage means.  You could just look it up on the Merriam Webster app on your phone (like I did) or you can google it.  Either way, it provides an answer.  An answer in which we don't love.  So we would like to define it in our terms.  Vintage- a way to describe something that resembles an old school look.  "That vintage lamp looks great on your bedside table, but it would look better in my living room because that classic look is fire!"  Therefore, all of our items are fire!  Next, we want to answer, "When is the best time to use vintage?" The answer to that question is obviously when ever you want to be cool or liked.  Before starting B&C, we found a study on the top 10 coolest people in the world, the study revealed that every person on the list rented vintage for every event they wanted to be successful.  On a serious note, we want you to be able to create the greatest experience imaginable at any event or activity you plan or take part in, and we believe adding vintage to it will do just that!  Vintage should be used for weddings, seasonal pictures, house parties, showers, and even festivals!  We really do not have a limit (thanks to the versatility of vintage).  Thanks for reading our first blog.  We want you to know we are thrilled to death about the future of B&C and we want you to be a part of it!  So please, please, please, let us know how we can help you!